Bassem El-Rahimy

Business Development in Toronto, ON, Canada


My name is Bassem El-Rahimy.

I’m the Sr. Manager of Supply and Business Development at Turo, a car sharing marketplace where guests can book any car they want, wherever they want, from a vibrant community of local hosts across the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. Turo exposes me to the various parts of a fast-growing, game-changing business. I was the first Canadian hire for our Toronto office.

Prior to Turo, I was the third employee and cofounder at GVE Online Education - an edtech platform where children in China can access an international elementary school education virtually. GVE provides one-on-one tutoring, ESL curricula and an immersive online classroom experience. GVE Online Education connected thousands of students to hundreds of tutors across 27 Chinese provinces and 5 countries.

Before GVE, I joined BFL Canada’s rotational program. I was exposed to the fundamentals of commercial insurance, particularly real estate, entertainment, farming, and transportation.

My first entrepreneurial venture was developing the Young Professionals Development Network (YPDN) community. There I had the opportunity to launch and scale a business, which gave me a great foundation early on in my career.

I had the privilege of growing up in multiple countries, surrounded by different cultures and languages. I am a foodie, with a passion for travel, tech and photography.